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151 Nigeriaworld -- Run Obasanjo Re-Run! Behind the Lockstep Endorsements
The governors' coming to Ota was actually the frenzied moment of oracular pronouncement Obasanjo had been leading us to embrace. The president had skillfully guided us to embrace that special hour of God's revelation about his future. What he wanted us to believe was that God had spoken on Mount Ota in Ogun State.
152 Nigeriaworld -- On Islamic fanatics and polio vaccines
But as a diehard virus, the Sharia law in Nigeria cannot easily cease from wreaking its havocs on Nigerians and the world, one way or the other. Rather than die when confronted with a counter-force of a pound-for-pound violence, it tends to metastasize.
153 Nigeriaworld -- Nigeria in post-Iraq War changing world
Nigeria cannot count Britain as a reliable ally. When the chips are down, Britain will forget her historical relationship with Nigeria and choose her allies according to the dictates of America.
154 Nigeriaworld -- Wanted: A UN vote on Nigeria's weapons of mass distraction
In my view the UN's instant therapeutic victory is there for its taking in my native country Nigeria. Nigeria, like Iraq, is notorious for her mass production of the Weapons of Mass Distraction (WMD). ...sabotaging Nigeria's democracy...and endangering the lives of our innocent compatriots.
155 Nigeriaworld -- East-North Peace Forum: Here they go again!
But it is wonderful that the North did come back again to seek the hands of its long abandoned traditional bride, the East. After its botched brief marriage with the only Yoruba man it thought it could manage as a bride, the North decided to reach out and reconcile with its estranged wife, the East. Isn't that amazing?
156 Nigeriaworld -- Nigeria, dug in and still digging!
Nigeria's ban on foreign news broadcasts drew instant condemnation from Nigerians and civil rights activists across the world. Many saw it as an indication of the return of political repression in Nigeria. I personally saw it as the clearest indication yet that Nigerian democracy is in a deep hole.
157 Nigeriaworld -- Nigeria: A nest of bloodthirsty killers?
People have speculated and reasonably too that the only reason why these killings have continued to skyrocket, and the only reason why those behind them are not being outed and prosecuted, was because President Obasanjo's PDP government knew something about them and perhaps approved some of them.
158 Nigeriaworld -- The Nigeria Police Farce
If facts that emerged last week were any thing to go by, the larger portion of the problems in Nigerian security belongs entirely to the Nigerian police and their leadership. Yet the Nigeria Police Force is one of those agencies being headed by a new-age professional in the Obasanjo administration.
159 Nigeriaworld -- 2003: Early Harvest of Phony Presidential Excitements
Ekwueme and Fawehinmi are the two people who could outclass Obasanjo in every way conceivable. But if they are not going to run... the best possible option for the unity and welfare of Nigeria is of course a popular endorsement and re-election of the incumbent president. Those other candidates can only excite empty excitement and stupid euphoria.
160 Nigeriaworld -- Elections 2003: Once again Nigeria rolls a dice!
No matter the level of diligence taken by any electoral body in Nigeria, our elections will continue to feature a high level of experimentation for a long time to come. But to excuse contrived errors and illegalities in the name of experimentation is both unconstitutional and immoral.

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