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You can't fulfill The Lord's purpose and will for your life without marriage
There is nowhere in the entire Holy Bible that the True Lord God Almighty told His own to live a single life in order to carry out His purpose and will for our lives? I told Sister M. that she chose to remain single not because she wanted to discharge her ministry, but because of frustration in not finding the "right" man to fulfill her ministry.
Banters in Lagos, poverty and disease in the Niger Delta
JEROME-MARIO UTOMIA development that further supports the long established belief by the Niger Deltans and civil society organizations(CSO) that Niger Delta, in the estimation of these multinationals, is an endangered species strategically marked for extinction, using neglect and abandonment as a formidable tool.
Analog Nigeria in a digital age (1)
TEMPLE C. UBOCHI, Bonn, Germany
Because Nigeria remains an analog country when other countries, which are doing fine, have moved into the digital age, was the reason an analog president was elected in this 21st century. How can we elect a president, who is at his best, an all round illiterate - a president who turns a laptop upside down; a president who doesn't know that East and West Germany unified in 1990....
A Tribute to Prof. Akinwunmi Ishola (Poem)
The ebullient professor; touched many impeccable lives.; Omo Akin dotted his story ; with Yoruba axioms, emulation ; and elitism.
Lost and found
As sinners, we are lost from the path to our eternal salvation. ... Another unconfirmed story says that the last person who entered into hell forgot to close the door due to regrets. Then the fire of hell was let loose and engulfed our country Nigeria. ... I hereby passionately appeal to the next person going to hell to remember to close the door for God's sake.
Of criminals and their beneficiaries
I was flummoxed at the Facebook campaign mounted by the wife of the brutal kidnapper, Evans (Chukwudidumeme Onuamadike) pleading for her husband's life.
How Ekwueme helped in creating more States (1)
ERIC TENIOLA, Lagos, Nigeria
The Catholic bishops' visit to President Buhari
TEMPLE C. UBOCHI, Bonn, Germany
The Bishops should now go back to their respective congregations and prepare them against the impending Jihad the Fulanis will unleash in Nigeria. The Bishops should know that the time for "turning the other cheek" is over, and should learn from the Anglican Bishop of Enugu Diocese, Rt. Rev. Emmanuel Chukwuma....
Nothing is new
Recently, I went to a popular market in Nigeria and bought two shirts and two pairs of trouser. They were well ironed and concealed in transparent plastic pack. The seller convinced me that they were new clothes and the latest in the market. The measurements were conspicuously written on the pack.
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Are the Nigerian governors' forum and national executive council undemocratic faces of the mutating Nigerian democracy?
The government of Nigeria continues to behave in ways that lead credence to the assertion of some critics that it excels in the perverse. The latest is the activities of the governors' forum which continues to show that they have an agenda that is different from what the majority of Nigerians would vote for if given a chance.
How to deal with gates troubling The Church and Nigeria
Pastor AMOS D. DADA, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
When you periscope the global trends of Fulani herdsmen in Nigeria, Boko Haram in Nigeria, Al Qaeda, ISIS, Hezbollah, Hamas, Al-Shabaab and other terrorist organization targeting the church and Christians, persecuting the church, gathering against the church, you will see that they are jealousy driven.
Living a purposeful life
We have our own unique individual innate tendency to succeed. Even in life, at the appointed period in the existential scheme of things, man is destined to fall or fail, and to get up to succeed again if he is not discouraged or given up!
Time to take the soccer world by storm! (10) The players: The substitutes
A former coach of the Super Eagles, once said that, any team that doesn't have a substitutes' bench that is almost as strong as the first eleven, is not a good team.
The catalyst for a new order
Keeping issues where they are, this non-possession of sound education has made it pretty difficult for some leaders to differentiate between politics and leadership. A situation that has resulted in our leaders playing politics all the way while relegating leadership to the background.
The Buhari Kakistocracy and the way forward
Today, Buhari's name is synonymous with tragic failure in almost every critical ramification of governance. Notwithstanding the shrill, bad-mannered, often half-baked and cantankerous rationalizations of its spokespersons, the Buhari regime has, through its actions and inactions, sought to shrink our public spaces by inflicting a debilitating legacy of self-serving, narrow-minded, dubious....
Who are you spiritually? The need for spiritual pesonality diagnoses in marriage & ORS
It is amazing how prospective suitors harp on blood genotype, marriage counseling, financial status, educational qualification, physical attraction, job security and the rest but often neglect the most important of all when planning marriage: spiritual personality compatibility diagnosis.
God, do it now: The allure of miracles
I am praying for miracles in many areas of my life - my finances, weight, relationships, and did I say finances? Specifically, I want my debts to be miraculously cancelled. Miracles are attractive for many reasons - instantaneousness, the drama, and awe.
Time to take the soccer world by storm! (10) The players: The attackers
As is customary, yours sincerely will use this medium to celebrate our attackers of yore, who helped score the vital goals, or contributed to the goals that gave Nigeria victory, by remembering them.
Governor Ortom of Benue State needs help and support
The inspector general of police is trying to frame innocent people for crimes committed by Fulani herdsmen, instead of arresting Fulani herdsmen and bringing them to justice.
An inspiring performance by the CHAN Super Eagles, regardless of the loss in the final match
The CHAN Super Eagles were certainly not the best team of the 2018 edition of the CHAN tournament, and may be not the second or even third best of the tournament!
February - My Month of Victory Over Sin (Part 2)
Pastor AMOS D. DADA, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Another thing that a person who has recognized the weakness of his flesh will do is: he will pray to God earnestly, for help. You see, prayer is an acknowledgement of weakness and seeking God for help. When do people usually pray, even worldly people?
The atrocious case of an Abia State governor
NNANNA IJOMAH, New York, New York, USA
In the next couple of months, it will be 3 years since Dr Okezie Ikpeazu assumed office as Abia State Governor. In those two plus years we've regrettably watched the continued deterioration of the state in all facets of human, social, political and economic development.
How Shagari picked Ekwueme as VP (2)
ERIC TENIOLA, Lagos, Nigeria
Why Alhaji Shagari picked Dr. Ekwueme is still a mystery and only Alhaji Shagari could explain His name was never speculated. Dr. Alex Ifeanyichukwu was forty-six at that time. He was unknown in the political arena. Except for his business profile as an Architect and Town Planner....
APC'S True Federalism Report: A frantic effort to win the 2019 elections?
It will be recalled that one of the areas of emphasis in Mr. President's New Year speech to the nation this year bothered on restructuring, where he said that Nigeria's problems were more of process than structures and proceeded to dismiss the matter forthwith to the consternation of many who are now convinced that they picked the wrong guy in Mr. President in 2015.
2019: President Muhammadu Buhari must win @ all cost
Muhammadu Buhari must contest and win the 2019 presidential election. He must win simply because there's no other living Nigerian who has the energy, knowledge, ability, temperament, insight, technical know-how, experience, even wisdom - to rule or govern our country.
Even before Obasanjo's letter, Nigerians have been planning for 2019 without Buhari as President (2-2)
TEMPLE C. UBOCHI, Bonn, Germany
Unless my premonition misses, there will be no election in 2019, as Nigeria will cease to exist as a nation by then, judging by the events of these days. But if Nigeria should make it through till then, nobody should appeal to Buhari not to contest; let him try and fail.
Truth is bitter
Chief Karaki Maigoro is a very rich man. He is married to a humble and hardworking wife. The marriage is blessed with four children, three girls and a boy. They live in an attractive mansion in Abuja. Chief Maigoro loves money more than his wife and children. Thus he gives twenty-two hours to his business and only two hours to his family on a daily basis.
Buhari, the Comprachichios of Nigeria politics
Buhari is destroying the rule of law, in the same way comprachicos deform the face and body of their victims and his action is encouraging the emergence of a police state. Under Buhari, the Nigerian army and police are free to arrest citizens, detain them without trial and engage in extrajudicial killings without consequences, it would seem.
Dr. Alex Ekwueme: A devout Anglican in love with the 'Holy Rosary'
Rev. Fr. FRANCIS A. OBORJI, The Vatican
Like Ekwueme and Ezemenari, most of these politicians still believed it was their prayer life, especially daily recitation of the Holy Rosary, that helped to keep them going throughout the period of their incarceration at the Kirikiri prison. They attributed their liberation and coming out from the prison in good health, as result of the powerful intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary....
Innovators like Mr. Franklin Njiribe must be empowered!
Recently, a social media friend, Mr. Franklin Njiribe posted his 'invention' on his Facebook page. I was moved to tears, and with goose bumps to see a potential Nigerian 'inventor' languishing in a wasteland with the pregnancy of ideas.
Weep not for President George Weah
President Weah should be cautiously optimistic based on the elevated and curved curse of corruption and misgovernance in Africa. He should beware of the Cassius of Monrovia, and come not near the Brutus in Liberia, he must have an eye with the descendants of Samuel Doe and Charles Taylor.
Bottom Power: Not the President but the Local Government Chairman
So, why do we bypass wards, local councils, state governments, and our legislators to attack the president? Why not accuse local government chairmen and councilors of negligence, ineptitude, and culpability particularly in crises occurring in their areas? Why do we not hold them responsible?
Neither coalition nor third force, but a restructured mind
To Obasanjo, the letter was not aimed at impressing anyone, but it did impressed. It was not targeted at winning a cheap political point, instead, focused on restoring hope to the masses while providing political access to direction - hungry politicians.
Can the cost of disunity be marginalization?
The marginalization - which was once hidden - has become an open affair now. Suddenly, Igbo marginalization has become a burning issue. However, the nature of this marginalization - unlike what is obtained elsewhere in Africa - has been discovered to be the consequence of disunity of the Igbos.
Open Letter: Oyo State Local Government Election and APC Primaries
Please sir, permit me to remind you that over 80% of people you plan to offend by imposition of candidate or manipulation of the nomination process are members of party executives or delegates from Oyo South Senatorial district who will determine your fate at the senatorial primaries.
Even before Obasanjo's letter, Nigerians have been planning for 2019 without Buhari as President (1-2)
TEMPLE C. UBOCHI, Bonn, Germany
Out of the hopelessness orchestrated by Buhari and his government, something good is manifesting. For the first time in our checkered history, Nigerians, irrespective of tribes, creeds, and tongues, are uniting against evil.
May this new year bring, at least once, sign of a government in Nigeria (Conclusion)
TEMPLE C. UBOCHI, Bonn, Germany
The presidential spokesman, Femi Adesina, had the gut to tell Nigerians that the military has nothing to do with internal matters, so, the president cannot send in the army to Benue State. But Mr. Adesina didn't explain to us what the military was doing in the South-East, with their Operation Python Dance, when they went to arrest Nnamdi Kanu.
Cattle Colonies in Nigeria: The economic, cultural, religious, political and military implications
When the potential cultural, economic and religious implications are examined to show the potential conflicts that cattle colonies might generate in Nigeria, the political implications become very alarming.
February - My Month of Victory Over Sin (Part 1)
Pastor AMOS D. DADA, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Wow, that is the great news of your new life style, the new status you and I have, sin is no more our Master, sin no more have dominion over us, Satan and his cohort do no more rule our lives to control us to sin. Satan has lost the battle at Golgotha - the place of the skull, where Jesus trashed him through the process of death, burial and resurrection.
Cattle colony and colonization
Yesterday night I had a fierce battle with cows and a herdsman in my dream. I was comfortably coming into my compound to have a rest after the day's activities. Behold some cows and their herder ambushed me at the gate. The cows were looking so fierce. Their horns were looking like sharp swords. The herder was carrying a loaded Ak-47 with his finger at the trigger.
How Shagari picked Ekwueme as VP (1)
ERIC TENIOLA, Lagos, Nigeria
The objectives and aims of the party were to maintain and protect the unity and sovereignty of Nigeria as one indivisible entity, to promote unity, solidarity harmonious co-existence amongst all Nigerians irrespective of their religious, tribal and other differences....
Odimodi/Forcados Judgment: A proof of corporate wickedness in the Niger Delta
Going by the records of the judgment, it was visible that Justice Shitu Abubakar of the Federal High Court, Warri, did a heck of a job by the comprehensive way he handled the issues. In his judgment ... ordered the oil giant, Mobil, to pay the sum of N1.430bn as compensation to the communities.
Grazing landscapes for terror herders
The destructive cows rampaging Nigeria's agricultural sector are hoards owned by powerful cabal who deploy heavily armed militia to escort the herdsmen in a clandestine commando style in the jungle or Petrified Forest. Night time air drops serve as conduit of supplies for the militia team. At the slightest resistance by farmers who dare protest demolition of Nigeria's food supply chain, a phone call sets in motion savage recriminations.
2018 Africa and The World in prophecy
We will be hearing and reading oddball stories, events and happenings never seen on earth before now. It appears that a new set of malevolent demons and wrathful wraiths have just been let loose from the Tartarus as they invade the human space to wreck havoc.
May this new year bring, at least once, sign of a government in Nigeria (Conclusion)
TEMPLE C. UBOCHI, Bonn, Germany
The presidential spokesman, Femi Adesina, had the gut to tell Nigerians that the military has nothing to do with internal matters, so, the president cannot send in the army to Benue State. But Mr. Adesina didn't explain to us what the military was doing in the South-East, with their Operation Python Dance, when they went to arrest Nnamdi Kanu.
Buhari, a president against his country, but loyal to this ethnic group and religion
Nigeria currently has one of the most sinister, dishonest, sectarian government in the world. It is a kind of government the world has never seen before, where the loyalty of the president is not to the country that elected him, but to members of his ethnic group scattered in many countries in the region.
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